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Easy Fence & Wood Products offers quality fence services at a fair prices. We are experts when it comes to fence restoration, staining, and make over. Thanks to our service, your fence can continue looking young for years to come. We offer fence staining and restoration services anywhere in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Wylie, and just about anywhere in Dallas.

We don’t just stain fences however. We stain, seal, and restore anything from decks, arbors, pergolas, and even repair gates.

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Enjoy these benefits when you choose our fence staining services!

  • Extends Wood Life
  • Mold, Mildew, and Fungus Resistant
  • Prevent Cracking and Splitting
  • Protects From Nature’s Elements Such as Sunlight, Rain, and Biological Attacks
  • Protects Natural Wood Color
  • Restores Weathered Wood
  • Shields From Powerful U.V. Rays
  • Waterproofs Wood by Repelling Water
Our staining process uses transparent paraffin based oil in order to penetrate as deep as possible into the wood’s fiber, while enhancing the wood’s natural appearances and protecting it from various elements.

We offer several color option. The overall color of the fencing process might appear different on different fences due to various elements such as the color of wood, density, etc. For a complete list of the colors available please call us directly or request an estimate at the form below!


Residential Wood Fence Stain, Bleach, Repair. We Also Repair Walk-In Gates!

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