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Project Description

Easy Stain & Wood Products repairs fences, arbors, pergolas, and even wood gates! We understand your fence can last a long time, and instead of spending a large amount on replacing the fence a simple repair here and there, regular maintenance, and bleach/stain treatments can help keep your fence in wonderful shape for years to come.

When should you repair your fence?

It’s important to repair your fence as issues present themselves. Neglect can lead to a larger scale damage and cost much more overall. When you see a post leaning, for example. Panels that become detached, is also an important issue to pay attention to. We also suggest to repair leaning posts or broken posts even if they are below ground level. And last but not least, is corrosion to the rails, pickets, and posts. Any of these is a clear indication that your fence requires repairs or maintenance.

However, we also offer makeover and renovation services for your fence. Anything from restoring damaged parts to regain the overall appearance and structural integrity of the fence, to various upgrades such as additional cap, trims, upgrades to metal posts, and even fence conversions from side by side to board on board!

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Residential Wood Fence Stain, Bleach, Repair. We Also Repair Walk-In Gates!

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