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Deck Repair Service

An existing deck often needs a little tender loving care and it will get into a wonderful shape again. Decks see a lot of wear and tear due to their nature. People walk on them, run, jump drag, scratch, and break parts of the deck all the time. On top of that, the environment in Texas is not any more friendly on your wooden decks. Anything from intense heat, to fungi, insects, UV light, all affect the state of the wood. One of the many reasons why staining and bleaching your deck is so important.

When we come across a damaged deck, we can easily see and replace the various aspects of it which were damaged to make it appear seamlessly like a part of the original design.

Most Requested Services:
Dry Rot & Termite & Worn Board Replacement
Guardrail Structure Reinforcement

Not sure if you need to Replace or Repair?
To be honest, we cant know this over the phone either. However, we will be more than happy to come out and have a look to give you an exact quote! Please call now or fill our contact form below.


Residential Wood Fence Stain, Bleach, Repair. We Also Repair Walk-In Gates!

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